Become a Community Partner!

Most Scottish Gatherings start in debt before the gates ever open. To keep a nose above water, organizations have to charge higher gate fees, booth fees, vendor fees, parking fees… The overhead and debt burden limit what a Gathering is able to give back to the community, and can eventually lead to its downfall.

We do things a little differently.

So… here is YOUR chance to make a difference at the Ammon Scottish Festival. That’s right: you, as an individual, family, small or large business, or civic organization, can choose your favorite aspect of the  Festival, make a contribution that suits you, and help assure our debt-free success! You’ll have your name listed on our sponsors page, and will be publicly recognized during awards presentations at the Festival! 

Home-grown, debt-free, and personal… how cool is that? 

“Every little bit helps!”

General Support

The Gathering is truly a public event. And it will only succeed through the kindness of those who attend as either vendors, exhibitors, or just family out to enjoy the day!

Please Support the Ammon Scottish Festival!

Separating Mice from Men for a Millennium

Highland Athletics!

There are seven athletic categories (Novice, Women’s, Class- C, Class- B, Class- A, Lightweights, and Masters’). Each of these categories has six competative events that they must place in to recieve a medal (3rd, 2nd, 1st). The cost to sponsor the three medals for any of the events below is $50. And you are welcome to sponsor as many as you choose!

Class: Novice


Sponsorship by or for whom:

Class: Women’s


Sponsored by

Class: “C”


Sponsorship by or for whom:

Class: “B”


Sponsored by

Class: “A”


Sponsored by

Chokecherry MicroFarm
( Cleve & Dawn Davis )

Class: Lightweight


Sponsorship by or for whom:

Class: Masters’


Sponsorship by or for whom: