Vendors ~ Clan Tents ~ Organizations

No Highland Games or Gathering or Festival is complete without the many and varied tents containing historians, exhibitors of the rare and wonderful, demonstrations of traditional skills, unique wares for sale, and representatives of the noble families. And what would we do without the wonderful Scottish beasties!


Scottish Vendors are a special breed of merchant. They invest great amounts of money & time to travel from Gathering to Gathering, setting-up and taking-down in all sorts of weather, risking damage and loss, and never with a guarantee of sales… 

Clan Tents

They say ten Highlanders and a bagpipe make a rebellion… and no rebellion–ahem–Festival would be festive without Scottish Clan tents, and the families who decorate and staff them, eager to share their family history with a community that may or may not be full of distant cousins! 


Are you part of a Gaelic language club? Do you demonstrate traditional Seven Celtic Nations handcrafts?  Do you make music that makes the Scottish foot tap, whether “trad” or “mod-trad”? Are you an artist on Celtic themes? What unique aspect of Scottish life in America would you like to share? Get in touch–there’s room for you at our Festival!

So… here’s the deal! (and ALL Scots like a deal).


(Have you EVER wondered what happens to YOUR merchant and exhibitor fees once they leave your pocket? Me, too….)

Come be part of OUR Highland Gathering, and pay NO fees for your space. Your cheerful interaction with our wonderful community families is our first priority!

If you’d like to also contribute to the fiscal priorities of the Festival, go to the Community Partners page to choose one or more of the many awards we will give out on Festival day. 

You can sponsor something on behalf of your business or group, your family, or a beloved friend or family member. Your sponsorship will be noted on our website, our social media, and best of all, on-stage when the awards are given out! 

Sponsorship is another great way to be part of the Gathering and highlight your participation in our community!

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