This May, plan to join us in our goal of making the Ammon Scottish Festival one of the premier family-friendly events in Eastern Idaho!

As you can see from the unedited aerial shots, the Festival venue is ideal: plenty of free parking, walkable distances, plenty of shade, and room to grow as we expand our Festival offerings each year.

With entry entirely free to the public, you can come and go through the day, bring a picnic or grab lunch on-site, and spend a grand day out with friends and family.

Our partnership with the City of Ammon and regional businesses makes it possible for community members, athletes, musicians, vendors, and exhibitors to come together in the best home-grown ways: with everyone working together, we’re building a festival–and more importantly, we’re building a wide, expanding “family reunion” with people from all walks of life exploring and enjoying Scottish heritage. When we draw from the best of our shared past, we can build the best shared future!

We’re excited to see you all again this May–be sure to visit us often and Like us on Facebook, to catch all the latest news of the Festival!