Kilted Mile Registration!

It’s official… We’re having a Kilted Mile!

One of our wonderful new Community Partners, North Hi-Way Cafe (the OLDEST running cafe in the State of Idaho ) is the proud sponsor for this event. The race will be organized by Personal Best Performance!

So, ALL you running & sprinting types, put your favorite kilt on, or if you don’t have one… just wrap a bit of plaid around your waist (we won’t look too hard the first year!).

For those of of you who have sprinted their last sprint… you are welcome to participate as well. Jogging, walking, strolling, sauntering, ambling, trudging, plodding, hiking, tramping, tromping, slogging, trekking, marching, striding, and even the occasional sashay are all welcome.

The first heat will start @ 3:00pm promptly. So, please be at the field early enough to check-in and stretch.

Registration will take place both on-line and on the field. Check-in will be at the Registration/Information pavilion (Please bring exact change).

$10 per entrant, with all proceeds going to Special Olympics of Idaho!

Teton & District Performing Arts Pipe Band has the honor of leading the Special Olympians around the field during the opening ceremonies, May 6th, at their annual competition.


Choose your heat!
Choose your speed!